In the midst of a pandemic, a Black revolution and a White awakening are happening.


As the world starts talking more, raw edges are exposed and things can feel more complicated, not less.

You’re hungry for more dialogue and feeling brave enough to dig further. Life is busy and you’re searching for more time to do this important work.

At work
Jess + Bryana

Join Bry and Jess for lunch as they engage in candid conversations about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion topics with an intersectional approach, and a specific focus on race equity. All from the unique perspective of a Black woman and a White woman.

We offer a wide array of courses, customized for your organization.

Common Language in DEI

After this guided conversation, you will leave with a DEI foundation and you will be armed with a common language that will enable brave conversations to advance personal and professional goals for change.

History of Race

In this unlearning exercise, we will uncover important events in history that have a critical impact on BIPOC today, both in the workplace and everyday life.

Psychology of Racism, and Racial Identity

This course will leave you with practical applications related to understanding how racial and ethnic identities play a meaningful role in the human experience and in organizations.

Gender Equality: An Ethical Issue

Issues such as discrimination, harassment, and equality are fundamentally about respect for individuals and different groups with diverse backgrounds. Leaders have an unavoidable responsibility to ethically address inequality issues.